Semantically Connected Dots

Say it

Just when you are ready to say it all….

suddenly the tongue get bitten…

fear and wisdom staring motionless the ripples.

My Dear
I Saw You Ti sto` incontrando
I Spoke to You Ti sto` parlando
I held You Ti sto` tenendo
I Lost You Ti sto` perdendo

Sitting,looking outside.
The window’s crying.
Drops running through.
Making the thought unclear.
I’m turning away.
Drops running through.
Images still unclear.

Wasting my time hiding
the true color of my eyes.
Pushing my days through
colourful lies.
Wishing I could be
a butterfly .
Not just one of the flies
on the stinky pie.
Regretting forever the moment
I didn’ t fight.
Raising for my rights.
I’will raise for my rights.
The light will overshadow
the world’s dark nights.

I follow you on this thin line .
Your pace is escalating
with the clearness of my sight
the feet start to bleed getting caught in the iron’s sliver
created by your rough proceeding .
I try to call you, but the dust your are lifting
smother my voice .
My steps are slowing down to an end .
I try to embrace your fogged contour .
You are getting far away , more and more.I now look down .
The line start to wobble .The strength of my grip is slipping
under my grasp .I am falling knowing that I won’t see you again .
I try to call you . I try to embrace your presence .I try to ,at least
kiss your memory .But your lips are iced covered .
I now levy my stand and raise my head .
I now wipe the moist of my eyes from your still image .
You left me .You! Left! Me! You broke my heart .
Your selfishness to let me fight alone is sipping through my skin .
I hate you .I ! Hate ! You !
But . Wait a moment.
Aren’t hate and love the two sides of a coin ?

Eating the right food off the wrong plate .
Nobody is walking waiting to fall .
Reacting with the right move
to the wrong gesture .
Nobody is breathing waiting to chock off.
Beating the right hand for the wrong pain .
Nobody is hiding hoping to be forgotten.
Shake it off.
Shake it off.
Remember the warm breeze
that kept your feelings sway .
Never caress with the lips
holding cold eyes.
Relive the moments that your predecessor left
reject what they greed .
Rebel to the history’s mistake .
Repeat no cycle .
Repel the cycle .
Make new fire from the ashes .
Nobody is watching life waiting to die .

Rolling Lives
Straight soul since then.
You and I.
Parallel glance from now on.

Until next time

I will close my eyes and think about you.
Trying to have your scent filling my dreams.
Keeping my wild fantasies caged.
Just as I do it to my thoughts too.
All my life standing to expectations.
How can I disappoint those eyes?
If only they could see through the layers.
I ‘m so good.
Wearing this cape as a shield.
Thick enough to hide.
Tight enough to maim.
Until next time.
I will close my eyes and think about you.
Feeling your imaginary touch.
Shivering from your illusory warm whisper.
Keeping up the appearance.
Wearing a smiling mask.
As usual.
All my life repeating.
Until next time.
Until next time.

It’s fine

Having my feelings
bouncing inside my head
Screaming and Demanding
to be let out
and all I can do
it’s to pretend
that everything is fine


Un ‘impronta profondamente resa
in questo arido mare.
Che fu` di molti sogni fertile.
Un’impronta che ingigantendosi lascia ,ora,
solo un viso coperto da mani.
Che invano vogliono farsi scudo
Tralasciando vedere profonde la vicissitudini
di una vita evaporata nel sudore.
Che goccia a goccia
la fantasia nei sogni ha fatto sterile.